Despite the overnight rain and the rapid advance of autumn, the site was still accessible for the team continue their work. Most of the Machine room floor had been exposed and now required cleaning up ready to be drawn. The remains of the outer walls or shell of the Mill House had been drawn in the past, but not the recently excavated brick floor, which appears to have been damaged during the collapse of the building or by a heavy piece of machinery falling on it.

There also appears to be a few steps going down at the front, but it's still not clear if this was for the miller to access the mill or just the lower floor machinery.


winnall 2018 09 12 t2

Before work in the Cool House could get underway there was Winnall wildlife to extract first.



winnall 2018 09 12 t1

Having cleared out the frogs and toad next for eviction was the newt.


While the last of the soil and rubble in Machine Room was being removed and checked over by both the metal detector and members of the team, Terry sent Gareth down inside the Cool House to clear it out again of both wild life and rubbish, before re-examining and measuring it. Meanwhile Sam and Keith wielded their spades to clean up other parts of the machine room, with a view to later taking a look at the area beyond the machinery pit, which also has not really been examined before.


winnall 2018 09 12 g2

The floor cleaned up by Gareth ready for further recording.


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