The team were back at the Winnall Mill site again on this lovely autumn day. It still being the holiday season, there were a few members missing, but those who came continued with the previously excavated areas. Sam, now back from his holidays, trowelled the remaining soil in the Machine Room, proving conclusively that the collapsed brick floor did not continue right back to meet the edge of the machinery pit, currently filled with water.

Yet more finds were discovered here in the process, along with those sifted from the spoil heap by a patient Francesca. There was an interesting broken glass bottle with the words stamped on the based " six to a gallon". It was assumed that this related to a measure of the contents, which could have been something like a fertilizer for the market gardener who lived there in the late 1800s.


winnall mill 2018 09 05 a funny thing

Jim Burton, one of the local fishermen, pops up with his travelling teddy bear!


When we were parking the car first thing, the man in the picture above suddenly started "interviewing" us using his teddy bear and talking in a funny voice, which had us all rolling with laughter! Apparently he does this everywhere he goes for fun and then posts it on Facebook in aid of a Prostate Screening Charity. If you want to find him he is listed as public and Birmngham by location.

winnall mil 2018 09 05 in the trench

Margaret and Keith excavating trackway.


winnall mill 2018 09 05 cart ruts

Cart ruts probably made by the Miller's narrow-wheeled cart in 18th Cent.


Finding these cart ruts worn into the bedrock, presumably its original level, was very satisfying. It had been the subject of discussion within the team for some time, and an earlier trench lower down had failed to provide any conclusive evidence. This was a tricky trench to dig too because it cut right across the Trackway, which is also a public footpath, and therefore needed to be back-filled quickly each session.


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