Continuing on at Winnall, the group shovelled and wheel-barrowed the top layer of rubble and soil from the Machine Room Floor, which is getting less easy to access. After the soil was set on one side it was checked over for finds, of which there were quite a few.

2018 08 29 spoil soil

The spoil heap from the Machine Room being closer scrutinised


2018 08 29 gardening

The top of the wall between the Wheel Pit and Machine Room cleared to preserve it better

The farmer had, as promised, been down to the site to clear more fallen trees. It was hoped that he and his team of agricultural students might be able to move the large sandstones from the Machine Room, but this was obviously too much for them so they sensibly abandon it. But this cleaning operation prompted our team to clean up the top of the above wall, where further growth would cause more damage.

2018 08 29 top notch

The mysterious feature that was cleaned up and recorded today

Another area that was tackled today was in the wall of the Trackway, where some time ago Terry had spotted a strange feature about chest height on the South wall. Once it was cleared of moss and brushed clean (see photo above) it clearly showed tool marks going right back into the recess, thereby indicating that it had been cut for a specific purpose. At first it was thought to be some  kind of feature for a gate, another gate slot having been found before, but lower down on the North side. Terry's suggestion that it was a slot for an overhead wooden beam seemed likely, but if that was so then it was too low to allow headroom for a horse and cart with the current level of the the trackway. So this prompted the need to make a trench to check whether the trackway, which was known to have thick layer of debris on it, was lower that thought.  More on this next time.


2018 08 29 lunch

The team taking a well earned lunch break


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