The team were back at the watermill site again on this dull summer's day. After a long dry spell, there was heavy overnight rain soaking the whole site. In the case of the Machine Room currently being investigated this washed the mud off the recently exposed brick floor whilst also filling other areas with water. Originally everyone was concerned that, since the water is getting level with the pond, it might rise and pour in, but so far it seems to drain off fairly well. (phew!)


2018 08 22 teapot

The broken remains of an everyday brown teapot the found in the Machine Room last week.

There is an ongoing discussion that, after the mill ceased to function in the 1860s and eventually collapsed, the occupants of the cottage, which continued being lived in until 1929, tossed their rubbish 'over the side' into the mill. From the yard area outside the house there is a drop of more than 2metres down to the machine room floor and in the whole duration lots of the dig, lots of bottles and china have been found under the layers of dirt and rubble.


2018 08 22 tina

Tina cleans up the broken teapot.(tea for two?)


2018 08 22 sam.keith

Sam and Keith removing more soil and rubble from the Machine Room floor.



2018 08 22 floor1

More of the uneven brick floor sees the light of day for the first time in possibly a hundred years?

The aim is to see how far underneath this protective pile of dirt and rubble the floor extends southwards. It is hoped that enough had survived to reach as far as the water-filled pit only a few meters away.


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