Yet another foray this week to the old Water Mill that is revealing still more of its secrets. There were seven of the team present this week, mainly focused on the area known as the Machine Room within the ruined shell of the Mill House. The area at the front of the building is gradually being cleared back to reveal a brick floor that has,over time, been covered with soil and rubble.


Once the mill went out of use, it's possible this area became a general dumping ground for domestic rubbish like the broken brown glazed teapot. Even so, we are still finding little gems from the past like this delightful child's clay pipe, beautifully decorated.


2018 08 15 clay pipe

Clay pipe found in Machine Room last week which our expert later confirmed as a child's bubble pipe.


Also found was the complete clear bottle as shown below, in very good condition. There was no printing on the glass to suggest its use or age, but it was a moulded bottle rather than hand blown, so probably 19th or 20th cent. Interestingly a number of bottles have been found in here since excavation began back in 2010.



2018 08 15 franbot1

Francesca's surprise find on the Machine Room floor


It was also noticed that some of the bricks paviours had rust deposit stuck to them, suggesting that perhaps something metal was originally resting on top. Also now revealed is a distinct curve in the floor where it has dropped slightly, which can be clearly seen against the wall behind Francesca in the above photo.


2018 08 15 bottle2


One of this week's amazing finds - a complete clear glass bottle.


2019 06 15 floor R2

The paved floor later cleaned up

Meanwhile Margaret drew the possible stone steps near the privy and Terry and Gareth took a short break to find the nearest building with a Bench Mark on it. Given the rural setting, these are few and far between.


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