2018-08-08 News

After our break from Winnall Mill last week to go field-walking, we returned to investigating the Machine Room that recently yielded both interesting features and equally interesting finds.

2018 08 08 photo 1a

With the spoil heap moved, the search for more of the floor surface can continue.

First Gareth tasked the team to clear the ground in front of the cottage of encroaching weeds, especially the stinging nettles. The purpose of this was to create an area where, during our lunch breaks, we could sit on a temporary bench rather than on the cottage wall that's becoming a bit wobbly.

Keith and Sam then wielded their spades to help clear the spoil heap from the area just inside the Machine Room. The soil was then wheel-barrowed to another location where Francesca sieved it and found artefacts that had been overlooked, which only goes to show how easy it is to miss things the first time round. (Often this is when the metal detector comes in hand too.)



2018 08 08 photo 2

Even the spoil heap has a second examination


 Then Terry marked out an area near the recently exposed floor for trowelling, so Margaret, Jennie and later Francesca got down on their knees.

In due course a further collection of finds came to light, including the find of the day - a cute clay pipe bowl as shown below.


2018 08 08 photo2a

A wonderfully patterned smoker's clay pipe bowl.

 Meanwhile back at the ranch ....no, not really....back at Mike's garden Terry had set up a gazebo for Adrian and Valerie to spend time washing some of the backlog of finds.

So, on the whole, quite alot was achieved until rain stopped play!


2018 08 08 photo 3a

12 miles later and the clay pipe is being cleaned by our finds processing group.








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