This week the group did some field-walking in a field near Wichenford. Over the past year the field had yielded a number of interesting finds spanning a long period of history, so the Wichenford History group arranged for some Geophys to be done on one particular area where the best concentration of finds were discovered.

It was assumed that there might be some buildings there, but apparently the results were inconclusive. Even so, once permission is granted and the correct preparations are made, the group hope to return and do some excavating.


A sample of the many finds.


It was known that the corn grown there had been cut and baled by the farmer, but not that the bales were still in place. Also the soil had not been turned over yet so the actual field-walking turned out to be rather difficult. Even so we found quite a number of items lying on the surface, which was very encouraging.

photo 03

A lead object, looking like a stone! Use unknown.



Roman pot sherds (separated from other finds).

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