Weekend 28th & 29th July 2018

After months of endless sunshine we unfortunately chose for our event the wettest and windiest weekend possible. It was intended to be held in tents in the grounds of the Cob House Country Park, which was a perfect setting for it, but the weather conspired against us!

Even so, we did manage to run it on the Saturday using the sturdier tents that survived the stormy night, and were visited by a number of interested visitors and old friends.

Gareth’s sandpit was popular with the visiting children and, being occupied with this and other games and quizzes organised by Margaret, it enabled the parents and other adults to .discuss NorthWAG’s activities with our team in a leisurely fashion.

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One little boy turned up with what looked like a fossilised animal footprint, which we offered to investigate and determine what it is.

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On the Sunday Mike and Terry made the wise decision for us to retreat into a Cob House meeting room. While this was obviously a smaller area, it was cosier and drier! Due to the continuing inclement weather fewer people again turned out, but of those visitors who did come to see our exhibition, now joined by WYACs Paul Hudson, most seemed genuinely interested. It also resulted in two applications for membership and hopefully some new members for WYACs.

One couple from Kenswick were particularly interested as they have just bought an old mill which they are about to restore! So we may see a bit more of them in the future. Another couple from Upper Sapey were intrigued by our finds and wanted us soon to take a look at those from their own back garden.

To sum up, I think we achieved our aim of getting people interested in “digging into their local history” and hopefully gained some more enthusiastic members, raised some funds and made ourselves better known by both the event and all the widespread advertising for it. So a big thank you to all members and non-members who helped on either or both days, especially to Mike for employing his great organisational skill and to Terry for his endless and seemingly tireless effort and enthusiasm.

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