Another dry day in this long, hot summer was spent at Winnall Mill. There were only five of us present but we had a visits from a couple of members currently unable to dig. After last week’s exciting discovery in the Machine Room of a large dish (most likely in which the housewives used to leave their bread dough to rise) the team donned their wellies and continued to excavate the same building.

2018 07 18 Pit pot Winnall


The Victorian china bowl or basin

This was found broken in many pieces, and some clearly missing that, so although it was easy to tell that it was once a round wash bowl and prettily decorated with flowers and gold edging, it was hard to establish its original size.

These wash bowls or basins usually stood on a washstand in the bedroom. They were often coupled with a matching jug or pitcher that held the water for one’s daily ablutions. Likely to be of late Victorian period, there is no clue so far as to its manufacturer whose transfer print or mark is often found on the base.

We are now looking for someone with lots of patience and who loves puzzles to glue it all back together for us!

The other area being excavated, in front of the Cart Shed and looking for steps down to the privy or even the stream, is now complete. Nothing more enlightening was discovered so this trench will be recorded and closed.


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