Northwag News 2nd August 2017

  • · Published August 2, 2017 · Updated August 4, 2017

In spite of a wet day being forecast 7 members turned up at Furnace Farm today.  The main task is to plot and remove the fence spikes that have caused many punctures before.  This is not only to protect us but also a service in return for the support of our farmer who allows us to be there. 

Our small punctures are nothing to compare with what could happen to an agricultural tractor tyre or plant tyre with a cost that could run into a hundred/s or more pounds by the time an engineer is called out, the machine remains unusable etc etc. We certainly cannot allow that, and so it is best to get them all out as far as we can anyway.  So far 18 have been plotted and removal has commenced.


2017 04 12 01

Photo shows a coin lying on the quarry tiled floor at our Furnace site.



2017 04 12 02

In this photo you can see a brick floor surface. Are we inside the cottage yard?



2017 04 12 03

Furnace cottage outer wall and red quarry tile floor. Test pit 3 looking north towards the fire-place.

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