Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I am disabled, may I still join?

A. We welcome disabled members but would need to discuss with you any restrictions in your mobility to ensure we are able to offer you activities which do not raise any health & safety or practical issues. Access to some of our sites may be difficult for wheelchair users.


Q.  Do I need my own safety equipment?

A.  We provide on loan NWAG safety vests, helmets (when needed). We ask you to provide your own gloves, strong shoes or boots and wellingtons (when needed).


Q. Do I need to bring tools to use at excavations?

A. We provide most equipment on loan but members are asked to  bring their own small builder’s trowel (this is the most used tool in archaeology).


Q. May I bring my children to a dig?

A. Subject to the approval and under the direction of the Site Supervisor, children of a minimum 10 years of age may visit, on condition they are accompanied by a responsible adult the whole time. Neither the visiting child nor the adult in charge may work on the site during the visit.


Q. I cannot  turn up to all digs or other events?

A. We understand that, it is entirely your choice. but if you have indicated your intention to join a dig or an event, it is helpful if you let us know the day before if you change your plans.


Q. What happens if I injure myself on a dig?

A.  Basic First Aid kit is kept on site. We urge you  to report even a small cut to the Site Supervisor.  All injuries are recorded in the NWAG Injuries Record Book.  If professional medical help is required, the Site Supervisor always carries a mobile telephone and checks the  signal. NWAG's H&S policy and site safety assessment procedure is rigorously applied in the interests of all  members, visitors and members of the public who have access to the sites.


Q. May I bring my dog on a dig?

A. Yes if your dog is a registered Assistance Dog which has been agreed with us in advance,  otherwise, we discourage the idea often due to the  proximity of farm animals.


Q.  Does NWAG have Insurance cover?

A.  Yes, this covers our responsibilities for our members attending NWAG digs and functions and our third party liabilities. Full details are available on request by members.


Q. May I claim back the cost of fuel using my car to attend digs?

A. No, sorry, we all share vehicles when possible, but no-one claims travel expenses


Q.  May I keep any artefacts that I dig up from an NWAG excavation?

A.  No, NWAG record all artifacts and offer them back to the land owner of the excavated site who is the legal owner.


Q. Can I submit my own  archaeological experiences and comments for inclusion on NWAG website?

A. NWAG's Report Writing & Web Monitoring Sub Group (RWWMG) welcome member's  submissions and will display those they consider appropriate. All such submissions should be sent to NWAG via  Contact Ussee also  Projects and Reports.


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