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Our website will explain to you in detail who we are and what we do. We hope that once you have read all about us, you will be sufficiently tempted to come along to see one of our projects with a view to joining us!

Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites, the discovery of artefacts and other remains. Of course this is a serious business requiring careful planning and execution, but do not let this deter you; NWAG Members, like many other archaeological groups around the Country, derive a great deal of pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of achievement from their ‘earthy’ involvement in this fascinating subject ... So, stay with us and share our enthusiasm!


NWAG was formed in September of 2009 by some members of Shrawley & District Local History Society who had a particular interest in expanding the excavation activities of the Society.


Since its formation, NWAG has undertaken many archaeological projects, from small to large, mostly in North Worcestershire but occasionally in the South of the county and in neighbouring counties. In addition to the excavations (more generally referred to as ‘digs’) NWAG carries out site surveys, field walks and substantial documentary research. NWAG also assists other groups and organizations with their own projects.

You will find more specific information about past projects under Projects & Reports and progress in current projects under News.


One of the most frequent questions we are asked is ‘Do I need previous experience or a qualification to join your Group?' The answer is certainly not. All you need is enthusiasm, a pair of wellies, the willingness to ‘get your hands muddy’ (but not all the time), and the desire to learn whilst enjoying yourself.


We do have qualified Archaeologists in our Group, but most of us are amateur archaeologists with varying years of experience. Many members have gained other qualifications and practical proficiencies during their careers and from their hobbies, most of which enhance the quality and credibility of our archaeological work.


We are confident that we have given you the answers to most of your questions about all that NWAG offers its members and readers within these pages, but if not, please us the form you will find under  Contact Us.

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